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Norbert Schwontkowski in Painting Between the Lines at CCA Wattis Institute

Norbert Schwontkowski is featured in the CCA Wattis Institute's Painting Between the Lines, which continues the Institute's investigation into the relationship between literature and art. For this show, the CCA Wattis Institute has commissioned fourteen artists to create paintings based on descriptions of paintings in historical and contemporary novels. Examining the state of contemporary painting, Painting Between the Lines attest to the vitality of the medium. Though literary sources have been a common source of painting's subject matter historically, more recently, painting has looked to history, society, politics and itself for inspiration. Schwontkowski's painting responds to Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.


Norbert Schwontkowski, Dorian Gray, 2011, oil on canvas
Norbert Schwontkowski, Dorian Gray, 2011, oil on canvas